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Knowledge is power. But at this important time, do you have the most accurate information to determine your business recovery strategy?

If you move forward without including your people, how much resistance might you expect? Before you make that decision, would it help you to know how ready your people are to go along with your plan?

We know that business is struggling right now and we want to help. That’s why Provolution has prepared a FREE QUICK SCAN for your company to help you answer the most important questions determining your rate of recovery:

CURRENT SITUATION – What is the present perception of your success so far?

FUTURE PROJECTION – If you keep going as you have been, where are you likely to end up?

ATTITUDE – What is the current attitude of your team?

CHALLENGES – What can you quickly develop, right now, to ensure you attain your business goals?

Our 5-minute online checklist of 30 yes/no questions is easy, independent and anonymous. We can include all your people in the survey, offering each person a voice in your recovery.

We then present to you a simple PowerPoint oversight, that offers you insights and strategies to develop a business culture that is adapted and respondent to the new business conditions.

Let The Human Spirit Model Help Your Business Recover at This Crucial Time. 


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    The Ultimate Corporate Team Building Program

    The Human Spirit is focussed on building happiness. In your business, happier customers, happier owners, happier employees or happier suppliers means more productivity, more sales and more profits.

    Sadly, most corporate team building programs have been slow to understand this. They still use motivation techniques that might have worked well with baby boomers but fail to inspire Gen X and Millenials in the same way.

    Why? Because younger people are driven by meaningful purposes that engages their community culture and need for self-exploration.

    This needs a new attitude when we plan corporate team building programs and activities. 

    At Provolution, we perceive business like a community. That’s why, over twenty years, we developed The Human Spirit Model®. This model represents the four basic needs of every person in the world :


    When your business fulfils these needs, you build trust and respect in your team. Moreover, it is exactly what your customers, owners and suppliers need too. 

    But if you fail to fulfil human needs, trust and respect will break down resulting in negative attitudes and loss. In any business, distrust and disrespect is your greatest cause of loss. You lose customers. You lose your best people. And you lose money.

    The Human Spirit Model® enables your business to evolve into a happiness culture based upon trust and respect. It is far more than a corporate team building program. Its modules contain powerful, practical skills that you can custom-select for your team, each focussing your business on building greater bridges of trust and respect between all stakeholders in your business. 

    The skill-based learning drives respect deep into your team, developing better means of expression, amplifying the significance of your company mission and tapping into the hidden potential and dreams of everyone in your team. 

    By meeting the needs of RESPECT, EXPRESSION, MEANING & POTENTIAL – in all your PEOPLE – conflict is reduced, cooperation is enhanced, inefficiencies are removed and customer service becomes laser-focused on human needs.

    It is ironic, but focussing on the money eventually loses you money. In the twenty-first century, the most successful businesses will focus on people.

    And the Human Spirit Model is all about people. 


    The Human Spirit Model® is a powerful business tool. It enables your team to meet the needs of others while enhancing their own self-esteem and personal skills. 

    We can custom design any program you need and have relieved programs to dozens of different clients in many different industries. From hotels to airlines, banks to insurance companies and engineering contractors to FMCG companies, our programs are universally applicable because we teach people a universal language – trust and respect.


    • Leadership

    • Team Work

    • Cultural Sensitivity

    • Solution Thinking

    • Service Enhancement

    • Communication Skills


    How Does The Human Spirit Model® Work to Create a Consistent Culture from Your Employees All The Way Out To Your Customers?

    1) RAPPORT

    Before we deliver anything, we ask your people what they want and how they feel. Sometimes we conduct a complete analysis of a business and create an entire annual Needs Analysis, which we call GAP. Often, we will simply talk with the participants so they know what they will be involved in and we know who they are. Good rapport is good respect. And that’s what we teach.


    We don’t train anyone. We transfer skills. In the classroom, we create a fun, safe learning environment to practice the soft skills that your people need to create happiness for themselves and extend that out across the organisation to your customers. First, we teach concepts. Then we practice. Then we follow-up for reinforcement and measurement.


    One of the reasons that training fails is because business systems do not reflect the spirit of the training that your team learn in the classroom. At work, the training doesn’t work! So, to create trust and respect in your culture, your processes and systems have to encourage trust and respect to be practised every day. Our novel, fun and practical systems help you to do that.


    We offer two kinds of coaching: individual coaching and group coaching. With group coaching, we follow up the skills transfer to encourage and reinforce the application of those skills in the workplace. With individual coaching, we work with your key people so that they might lead the Human Spirit across the organisation and ensure sustainability in the team.

    For more information on our Coach, visit our Coaching Programs page.


    A lot of training has no measurement of success. In the Human Spirit Model, our annual GAP analysis ensures your program is working. It offers confidential follow-up to measure performance and the impact upon your business culture, as well as identifying crucial next steps to improve business performance for the future.


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